Who are we and why did we start this blog?

Hi! We are Gilles & Inne, two Belgian people who fell madly in love with each other more then 3 years ago. Together we share the same passion: TRAVELING! The more we travel, the more we feel ‘wanderlust’. Since we met we discovered London, Lisbon, France, Rotterdam, Bali, Kenya, Zanzibar, Thailand & Cambodia… but our bucket list is still long!

Wereldkaart Samen.jpgWe started this blog just because we want to share all the love and joy we get out of traveling the world. Our aim is to write about our experiences while on the road and to share our tips & tricks with you. This is just a blog of two twenty-something people with no education in writing, photography or filmmaking. Everything that is on our website, is self-learned, but came with love and hard work & an insatiable desire to go out & explore the world.

Inne (25)

IMG_0251kopie.jpgMy life started with holidays at the coast in Belgium. When I got older my parents took me all over Europe. It began with one summer holiday, but after a few years our family was traveling up to six times a year. Till I was 18 years old our travels where all in Europe. In my first year at the university, my best friend & I decided it was time for the real thing! We booked a plane ticket to Sri Lanka and went to the wonderful Asia for the first time. Since that time I’m unstoppable. Whenever I can I seek a way to travel.

Wereldkaart Inne

In the real life, where I haven’t enough money to travel full-time, I have studied for a business degree and then for a degree in real estate. Now I’m lucky enough to work as an independent real estate agent, which is hard work, but gives you the freedom to travel a lot.

When I was 21 I met the love of my life Gilles. One big problem with him… He wasn’t a traveler. Luckily, I could convince him to go to Bali and gave him the travelbug really quickly!

Gilles (24)

_DSC1177.jpgI grew up in a family where traveling was never a priority. Once a year we would go camping in the South of France. For me, these holidays were amazing! I’m a sportsman and love to play football, tennis, fitness, running,… and everything else that has anything to do with sports. On these camping’s I could do all those things the whole day long, so I didn’t need a super fancy holiday in some far far away country. BUT then I met Inne and everything changed. She didn’t agree with going to a camping in France, although she gave it a try, and made me go to Bali in 2016. I didn’t really believe it could be better then my previous holidays, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt… well I was wrong! Since that trip to Bali, I need to go everywhere. If I could I would leave everything and just wander the world with her. Wereldkaart Gilles.jpg

Unfortunately I too have to work for these trips. Just like Inne I have a business degree and work fulltime as an equity analyst. An office job, but give me the freedom (not enough though) and the money to travel.


Well, today we are trying to figure out a way to travel the world fulltime. When we find the million-dollar solution, we’ll let you know 😉

For now, we just hope that you enjoy our posts, pictures and videos! In the next few weeks we will be working hard on new content. Feel free to share the love and the wanderlust!!!