Amsterdam – Things to do

Only a two hour drive from our home in Antwerp and yet we haven’t really been to Amsterdam. A shame actually, so we decided to do something about it and booked us a three-day trip to this hip and cosy city! Three days is way to short, but we got a glimpse of what Amsterdam has to offer. We’re definitely going back there during the summer.


This were some of the highlights of our trip;

Streets of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot of bridges and cosy streets. Just go with the flow and enjoy all the beauty behind every corner.

De Munt

The Minttower used to be part of the Regulierspoort that was one of the main gates in Medieval Amsterdam. The original gate was built in 1487 but it was destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt in 1620.

  • Where? Muntplein
  • Open? Always (you can’t go up the tower)
  • Price? Free



The Oudemanshuispoort is the connection between the Oudezijds Achterbrugwal to Kloveniersburgwal. It used to be the gate to the old man- and lady retirement home. Now it is the passage to the university of Amsterdam.

In the alley there are many bookstalls with second hand books. So if you like some literature, you can score a few nice books here.

  • Where? Oudemanshuispoort
  • Open? Alley always, bookmarket from Monday till Saturday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Price? Free


Koninklijk Paleis

The current Royal Palace used to be built as city hall, but in 1808 they decided to make it the Royal Palace. Now they still use it for ceremonial opportunities, such as when Queen Beatrix distanced herself from the throne and gave it to her son King Willem-Alexander in 2013.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to visit the palace, but we certainly enjoyed it from the outside. On the square there are a lot of artists, so there is definitely lots to see.

  • Where? Dam 1, Amsterdam
  • Open? Daily from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Price? 10 euros p.p.


Anne Frank Huis

This is a must see in Amsterdam. I guess, everyone knows the famous story of a girl named Anne Frank. She was Jewish and she and her family needed to go into hiding for Nasi Germany. Right now you can still visit this tiny house where she doused for two years. Unfortunately she died at a concentration camp in 1944, but her diary survived and became a world famous book.

I recommend booking a ticket in advance, as you will stand in line for hours if you buy it ons the spot.


People say this is the most beautiful place in Amsterdam and I think a lot of tourists skip this one. This place used to be that center for shipyards and warehouses for the West-Indian Company. Herring, grain, tobacco, wine, salt, anchovy, pitch and tar were stocked here. Now this place is rediscovered by a lot of artists.

  • Where? Prinseneiland
  • Open? Always
  • Price? Free

Red Light District

Of course this is a place everyone has heard of before and you is a must see in Amsterdam. A street full of brothels, sex shops, museums,… use your imagination. Just walk through the street and look around, but be a little discrete. Keep in mind that not all women who are behind the window are there by choice, so be respectful. So don’t take pictures or try to film them.

  • Where? Oudezijds Voorburgwal
  • Open? Always
  • Price? Free

Heineken Experience

The dutch beer, Heineken, is brewed since 1863 in the Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In the former brewery you can learn and experience about everything that has to do with Heineken. You can get to know the process of making beer, all their marketing, how those beer bottles are created and of course you can taste the beer.

  • Where? Stadhouderskade 78
  • Open? Monday till Thursday from 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM & Friday till Sunday from 10:30 AM till 9:00 PM
  • Price? 16 euros p.p. (& you’ll get 2 beers)


Amsterdam Cheese Museum

We found this place by accident, but it is actually a fun thing to see. It is located across the Anne Frank House. It is more like a souvenir shop where they sell different types of cheese, which you can taste by the way. In the basement they made a little museum.

  • Where? Prinsengracht 112
  • Open? Monday till Sunday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Price? Free


Boat tour on the Amstel – Light Festival

During the winter months there is a Light Festival. Contemporary artists from over the world have made some artwork with lights, that is now exposed along the river. We were told by many people that is was really beautiful, but we weren’t impressed actually… I guess it was a just a less spectacular year this year…

It was also raining at that moment, so you couldn’t look out the windows and the windows were all evaporated… not good for the view. So for us this was a bit of a disappointment.


Gilles is making a video about this trip, so it’ll be online soon!

Hope you enjoyed reading about our fantastic trip to Amsterdam. If you have any questions, please let us know, maybe we can help you!

Please follow us on instagram (@belgian.travelcouple) to join our adventures!

And many more stories will come… so stay tuned!

With love,

Inne & Gilles




  1. And when you go back in summer, I really recommend you guys to add Zaanse Schams, Volendam and Marken to your itinerary! Absolutely great places to explore the Dutch countryside 🙂


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