12 reasons to go to Zanzibar

1. African Climate

December in Belgium means cold and rain, maybe a little bit snow. For the first time in our lives, the sun was shining and it was 35°C outside! NICE!

Little bit weird to hear all this Christmas songs when you are on the beach in your swimwear… BUT we loved the fact that we had a good tan when we were back at the Christmas parties in Belgium.


2. White sand beaches & turquoise waters

We’ve travelled to tropical places such as Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka, … but we’ve never seen beaches as white as snow and oceans as turquoise as in Zanzibar. These are for sure the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to!

3. Stunning hotels

Zanzibar is a tropical island, full of beautiful hotels. It was very difficult to choose one, but we are sure that we made an amazing deal there! We chose to go to the east side of the island, to Jambiani, where it is less touristy. Our stay was in Spice Island Hotel Resort and we loved every minute of it. Right before holiday season the hotel was very quiet and we got an amazing service + the food was amazing there! They organized special things such as movie nights with free popcorn, BBQ, sushi all day long, … We can definitely recommend this hotel!

4. Top diving sites

Right before we went to Kenya & Zanzibar, we got our PADI Open Water so we could go diving. It was our first time in the ocean and we were a bit scared. When you see all the beauty that the underwater world has to offer there, we forgot how scary it was to dive. If you don’t have your PADI yet, make sure you have it before going to Zanzibar or you can also learn it on the island with the many dive schools there.

5. Snorkelling

If you don’t like to dive, snorkelling is always a good option. Even though we can dive, we still love to snorkel. Just float on the water and see what happens beneath you. We took a snorkelling trip called ‘Safari Blue’ to Menai Bay in the south of the island. To go snorkelling we suggest that you take a boat, because you can’t get to the reef from the beach.

6. Sandbanks in the middle of the ocean

The Menai Bay, where the ‘Safari Blue’ goes to, is scattered with sandbanks, pristine marine life and crystal-clear turquoise waters. On the sandbank they provide you with fresh food and cold drinks. You can just relax, get a tan and swim in the warm Indian Ocean.

7. Hidden gems in the ocean

On the ‘Safari Blue‘ we also stopped at some small islands where we could relax and enjoy some lunch.

8. Kite surfing

Kite surfing is THE sport in Zanzibar. You can learn it everywhere. The best months to go kite surfing is from June till October and from December till March. There is flat water close to the beach for the beginners and there are enough waves for the more experiences kite surfers. Time to learn something new!

9. Cycle on the beach

We suggest that you do this activity in the early morning or in the evening, because it is too hot during the day! For a cheap price you can rent a bike from your hotel. It is a nice way to get around the island and explore some more.


10. Watch the most beautiful sunrise

The last day of our stay in Zanzibar we got up before the sun to watch the sunset from the beach. What a nice and romantic way to wake up and enjoy our last moments on the island.


11. Enjoy a romantic sunset

Nothing beats the dazzling beauty of a sunset…


12. Lovely people

During our stay we met all these lovely people! African people are so nice, friendly and helpful and the best of all, they are always smiling!


We combined this trip with a safari in Kenya. You can read our blog post about it here: Fantastic safari in Kenya

HAKUNA MATATA (Swahili for No Worries)

We made a full travel video on this trip. Curious? You can watch it by clicking here.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our fantastic holiday in Zanzibar.  If you have any questions, please let us know, maybe we can help you!

Please follow us on instagram (@belgian.travelcouple) to join our adventures!

And many more stories will come… so stay tuned!

With love,

Inne & Gilles



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